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Latest projects

writing, learning, iPhone ...

Freshly cooked and choped-up photos and video nibbles from my iPhone...


mad Laser-Productions, shot, edited, published from my good old iPhone

Script/scenario of a feature film (long metrage)and pilote for tv-show (série)

Finished the back-to-school project @ IESA Multi-Media. Here's the result of the video module:

Working the Web

Web Design and Development

xHTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Flash ...

Project Management

Making sure you get what you need in time and within budget...

Play well with others

High idea output: I'm unstoppable in my idea flow but i must warn you: I'm not good at blab. I look you straight in the (virtual) eye and tell you what i think and sometimes I'll have to tell you that "your baby is ugly".

Online Marketing

working as a consultant for Oneglobe Network for all your strategic web needs in hospitality-travel industry and beyond.

referencing, search engine optimisation, research, PR...


multi-lingual writing for readers and search engines...


Moo-Toons, having an attitude since 2001! A web site where innocent children's artwork is shamelessly exploited for the benefit of the clueless masses. The project is in startup and not fully operational. But we're open for investment negotiations!

Peppermint Patty - A web site of shameless selfpromotion in purest Flash form. Please note thhe important detail that Peppermint Patty was the only one calling Charly Brown "Chuck" and get away with it.

Idea Shop - Your online shop for ideas big or small privat or business. You can adopt an idea starting at 30€. After the transaction the idea is all yours and you can run away with it wand become rich. Now that's a nice idea isn't it?

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soon to come my portfolio of print and past projects


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